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Top Mops invests in the latest technology

Top Mops has always invested in the best technology to constantly improved the quality and consistency of its service, whilst enhancing efficiency and protecting the health and safety of its team. One example of this is implementation of the i-mop System, representing an investment of as much as £30,000 in this latest technology.


2019 saw us expand in a way we hadn’t before over to Domestic Cleaning from focusing on commercial. Wanting to help Island residents with all their home care needs, resulting in the introduction of our Homecare packages. Completely…

Are You’re Employees Safe at Work?

When we look at cleaning, people tend to assume it’s an easy job, anyone can do it. It’s ‘a bit of hoovering’ or dusting. Not often does anyone take the time to stop and consider all aspects of…

Cleaning those hard to reach places

While it’s cold outside, and we’re all-in lockdown, we thought we’d take the time to test out some products to help clean those hard-to-reach areas around the home to keep us all busy. As seen on the likes…