Cleaning those hard to reach places

While it’s cold outside, and we’re all-in lockdown, we thought we’d take the time to test out some products to help clean those hard-to-reach areas around the home to keep us all busy.

As seen on the likes of Stacey Solemon or Mrs Hinch’s Instagram, we thought we’d show step by step of trying to clean those hard-to-reach places around taps, plugs and grooves – this is also good for grouting between tiles… but not to be used is grouting is loose.

Introducing two of our most powerful secrets in cleaning – the Sonic Scrubber and Cleaning chemical The Pink Stuff. We tried these on two types of sink, and living along the south coast, we are in a hard water area.

The Sonic Scrubber retails around £20 (if you get it cheaper – bargain) and pots of The Pink Stuff are available from £1 in Poundland, Sainsbury’s and Home Bargains (yes you read that right, a pound!!)

You want to start by applying a good amount of The Pink Stuff Product to the area, you can either use the brush head or a cloth, you want to work it in a little before diving in with the scrubber.

The scrubber comes with multiple heads, the medium brush is perfect to use for grouting, taps, toilets, shower tracks, plug holes, seals, shower heads.

The Large Brush is great for ovens (with the pink stuff crème), hobs, white goods, basins, baths, tiles, faucets and even on shoes.

The cone brush is for those tight gaps, hard to reach areas, corners, around taps and around the basin or plug hole.

Finally, the Soft (white bristle) brush. This one is to be use of delicate surfaces such as clothing, carpets, glass and upholstery.

For around the taps we used the medium head and then the cone head to get right into those hard-to-reach areas around the tap and between the plugs. The results were achieved with less than 5 minutes spent on each area – a real time saver – and so satisfying.

What’s perfect with the sonic scrubber is that the bristles aren’t as harsh on any of the surfaces as a scourer would be, but delivers better results in less time.