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Eco Clean Service

Top Mops also offer an “Eco-Clean Service” whereby we make sure of the following:

  1. We avoid overusing cleaning products on spills and stains, and when disinfecting.
  2. We never leave taps running while we’re cleaning. Top Mops use water only when needed and collect excess water where possible.
  3. We minimise the use of energy-guzzling cleaning appliances.
  4. We re-cycle all plastic containers and glass – all our excess materials are re-cycled where possible.
  5. Top Mops can give you information and tips on making sure your carbon footprint is kept to a minimum.

Top Mops also work in conjunction with local councils and refuse collectors to make sure we are a greener, cleaner company by using all appliances in a more eco-friendly way.

All new customers can be provided with a “Certificate of Compliance” when they request our Eco-Clean Service.