Decontamination and Deep Cleaning Services

Keeping facilities safe since 1998.

At Top Mops we provide comprehensive decontamination and deep cleaning services that help you to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for your staff, customers, residents and visitors.

Both air and surface decontamination are key components of a multi-barrier strategy. Helping to preventing ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ and protecting any workspace from cross-contamination and the spread of infection, including areas inaccessible by conventional cleaning methods.

Our team of experts work with you to develop the optimum cleaning programmes whilst our cleaning teams use their experience to deliver a service with the highest level of safety and attention to detail. Including innovative VirusShield to prevent infection and provide long-lasting protection from viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew and other pathogens.

For the past 25 years Top Mops has been trusted to provide deep cleaning and decontamination services to a wide range of organisations including:

  • Hospitals and Medical Centres
  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Care and Nursing Homes
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Shops and Retail Spaces
  • Commercial Offices
  • Factories and Manufacturing Plants
  • Testing and Distribution Centres

As you would expect, our service is highly effective and fully documented, leaving any environment safe, hygienic and auditable.

“We have been able to fully rely on the support we have received from Top Mops, who have been able to supply us with cleaning staff on an almost immediate basis, which has helped us immensely at this difficult time.  We have been able to vary the demand over the months and just recently had to request a much larger rota of staff which was accommodated very quickly.  The flexibility and constant communication between ourselves and Top Mops has been so helpful and very much appreciated.”

Gayle Perryman, Head of Cleanliness – Facilities Department, St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of Wight.

To find out more about our deep cleaning and decontamination services across the South Coast and into London, including Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, West Sussex and parts of Dorset and Wiltshire, get in touch today to discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation quotation.

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What is the Virus Shield programme?

The Virus Shield programme is a commitment to ongoing protection for the users of your building, by joining the programme you are immediately taking a big measure of protection from cross-contamination and the spread of viruses, here is a full list of what is on offer;

Programme Highlights

  • 4 weekly electrostatic spray of our control chemical.
  • Our Virus Shield literature which can be displayed on-site and online to give customers and staff reassurance.
  • Window stickers that can be displayed to show you are a member and supported by Virus Shield.
  • You will receive a virus shield safe certificate for staff rooms and reception areas to highlight your protection and to reassure staff, customers and visitors.
  • You will get access to a free ultra-spray if you have a site outbreak or suspected outbreak during the time you are a member of the scheme *T&C’s apply.
Coronavirus Pandemic. A disinfector in a protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants in house or office. Protection against COVID-19 disease. Prevention of spreding pneumonia virus with surfaces.
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Virus Shield is not just with you every 28-days, we are here to support you every step of the way

Control is an excellent base product . However, to maintain maximum protection within your premises, heavy footfall may warrant additional disinfectant products.

We can Supply disinfectant products that are also used through the NHS, our recommended sanitiser disinfectant spray and multi-surface wipes to ensure that the virus shield control protective properties are prolonged for the full 28 day cycle.

Our aftercare products are currently used within the NHS and are widely used throughout hospitals in the UK and abroad.