2019 saw us expand in a way we hadn’t before over to Domestic Cleaning from focusing on commercial. Wanting to help Island residents with all their home care needs, resulting in the introduction of our Homecare packages.

Completely bespoke, after the initial enquiry one of our managers does a home visit, talking through your individual requirements and building a completely tailored plan for you and your home. Then we schedule the work, visit every six weeks for window cleans and either six monthly or annual visits for the rest of the work you may want; with payment covered by monthly direct debit helping to spread the cost of the bigger jobs into easy monthly payments.

In 2016 Top Mops took a step to be the best on the Island by investing in the latest technology in window cleaning. We invested in an Ionic Systems Thermo Pure Hot Wash Reach and Wash van. Inside the van is 8 filters the water travels through before being heated and electrically charged. This producing pure, ionised water to use for cleaning the windows through carbon fibre telescopic water fed poles.

This is the only one of its kind on the Island. While other companies have various forms of a ‘reach and wash’ system ours truly is the Rolls Royce options. The pure ionised water heated to a safe temperature means that we don’t have to use chemicals, when the ionised water is electrically charged (in the heating process) when applied to dirty windows, it melts all dirt and bacteria away and leaves a clear film on the surface meaning future dirt and bacteria isn’t able to stay on the surface. Having this done regularly means that it builds up a ‘protected film’ leaving windows cleaner and visibly so for longer between cleans.

So not only is it safer for the environment, but it’s also safer for our operatives too, using the water fed poles to be able to reach up to 80ft in the air, safely from the ground.

Alongside our Reach and Wash system we also invested in the Ionic Systems SkyVac ‘industrial hoover’ using the same carbon poles with unrivalled power to be able to reach those high up, hard to clean areas both internal and external. The SkyVac system allows us to not only be able to reach internal ‘difficult’ to reach areas, such as high up cobwebbing, it is fantastic to clear out areas such as gutters, once more making it a safer option to getting up on a ladder and using your hands or a scoop. It’s mess free too with the industrial size compartment that collects all debris and stores it until safely emptied once cleaning has completed. Using the carbon pole technology means that it is all done safely with our feet on the ground. Using a real-time camera to be able to see what the poles are reaching means that no mess is left behind. Giving you fantastic results and peace of mind.

Alongside these services, we can take over 20 years’ worth of experience and deliver first class services in Carpet Cleaning, Power Washing, Oven Cleaning, and regular house cleans to any of the packages that we build for you. It’s not just about the outside, the inside counts too.

To enquire today about building your own bespoke homecare plan, call 01983 400202 or email us on info@topmops.net