Outstanding Achievement Award – David Jackson

It was a real privilege on Wednesday the 17th April 2024 to invite one of our employees David Jackson to our head office, to surprise him with one of our Outstanding Achievement Awards. These are rare and only given out in the most exceptional of cases, but David’s was outstanding and well deserving.

A little over a month ago, Facilities personnel, Lisa Mckenzie of Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd, contacted our site manager to ask if there was an award, or similar acknowledgement that David could be put forward for. This was for his outstanding contributions on their site. This followed up by multiple members of management onsite providing glowing feedback meant that quickly his service and delivery was so exceptional, that being awarded our Outstanding Achievement Award was most certainly deserving.

We invited David to our head office, with no knowledge of what he was coming for. Accompanied by Lisa, he met with maintenance manager Rick Manning and Manager Sarah Ford who presented him with his award, talking through the feedback he’d received from the site and sharing our joint appreciation for all he does in his day to day work for Liz Earle.

Just some of the Feedback:

“Dave is professional, dedicated, helpful, and motivated. He is a joy to work with, extremely hardworking and arrives each day prepared to tackle his work with a positive attitude. His knowledge and experience are vast. He loves a challenge and has excellent problem-solving skills. Fast thinking, flexible and efficient, Dave regularly exceeds our expectations and consistently meets his objectives. He encourages those he works with by his creative solutions and positivity. Dave gathers the information needed to carry out his work effectively and always considers how his work will impact those around him. Excellent communication and relationship building skills: with Liz Earle employees and external contractors.

As a Top Mops customer: we, at Liz Earle Beauty Co Ltd appreciate Dave’s enthusiasm and “can-do” attitude – that shines through in everything he does.” 

Lisa Mckenzie – Facilities

“Dave has excellent customer facing skills, always super helpful and courteous and his extensive knowledge is second to none. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and an asset to any business.”

Peter Reece – Operations Manager

“Dave Jackson has been a great addition to the facilities team here at Liz Earle. He is always positive and helpful, willing to undertake any task put his way without complaint. Always ready and willing to support us by sharing his observations regarding maintenance or improvement issues when asked. It is a pleasure to have Dave on site in Cowes as we know that work will get done.”

Neil Parker – Senior Warehouse Team Leader

From all within the Top Mops office and management team, it is with huge thanks we award this to David for his positive attitude, his going above and beyond for Liz Earle and all round outgoing nature.