Accreditation – Real Living Wage Service Providers

Back in 2022, we took our first steps to becoming Real Living Wage Service Providers. This meant that all directly employed staff, not tied to a site were moved over to the Real Living Wage.

This April, with a few years under our belt to talk to our customers, working with them to explain our company goals and we are so proud to have reached the level we needed to be awarded this.

Over the last two years, we are so pleased to say that 50.23% of our contracts have now embraced the real living wage, meaning that over 56.9% of our team enjoy this benefit. Not bad progress from 0 two years before. We are slowly changing the face of cleaning and it’s past bleak landscape when it comes to pay, with our ultimate goal being to offer every employee with a fair living wage, not just the bare minimum company wide.

For us, the journey extends beyond simply ‘pay’. It’s about cultivating a work environment where our teams feel genuinely valued. This commitment translates into better service for our customers too, as it allows us to focus on ups killing and training, allowing our staff to see their roles with us at Top Mops to be more than just a job, but to recognise a viable and rewarding career. 70% of ‘cleaners’ earn below the living wage according to the RLWF, just have a read of their information above. This is what we want to change. We’ve got a way to go, but it’s not a bad start!