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*From £9.99 on a 12 Month Direct.

Window Cleaning

The only Hot Water Reach and Wash system on the Island. No need for chemicals, using pure ionised water our system will leave your windows looking cleaner for longer.

Soffit, Fascias & Gutter Cleaning

Make sure your whitework is looking fresh with a 6-monthly or annual clean with our hot water system, melting away that green grime and algae.

Gutter Clearance Using Our SkyVac System

Let us clear your gutters with our SkyVac machine, reaching safely from the ground and ensuring your gutters are ready for the winter season.

Carpet Cleaning

Some people like to freshen up the inside too! Well we have you covered and can tag-on an annual carpet clean to your homecare package, soft furnishings can also be included.

Oven Cleans

We can get your oven gleaming again in no time, again available 6-monthly or annually, as required.

Power Washing

Whether it’s yours driveway or your patio, if you’d like to build in a annual re-occurring clean to keep it all fresh, let us know and we can plan it in.

House Cleaner (Regular)

We take pride in recruiting friendly, conscientious, vetted cleaning operatives, if you require a house cleaner for a couple of hours a week, we can find you the perfect person.

What Happens Next?

Give us a call (01983 400 202) or fill out our online form and we will get in touch – we would love to come out and see you to go over your homes unique requirements and tailor make your package to include the services relevant to you.

You’re in safe hands with our team and can rest assured we will put together a thorough, competitive, reliable and thoughtful service.

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When cleaned using the Reach & Wash® system windows will be cleaned better, and stay clean for longer. It’s worth remembering that as well as the glass the window frames will also be cleaned and the sills rinsed as part of the process. Learn More about our ionised hot water Reach & Wash system

The simple explanation is that by providing a pure water cleaning system, you can clean without the need of detergent because when applied to the window ‘pure water strives to return to its natural impure state’.

We have teamed up with GoCardless for the purpose of setting up Direct Debit Payments. They are used by millions and are the market leader for these sorts of payments. You will be sent an email that will require authorisation to get started and afterwards we will be good to go. We will send you a monthly invoice detailing the reoccurring charges, payment will be collected by direct debit 10-15 days later.

Reach & Wash Explanation

At Top Mops we believe everyone has the right to work safely, and that includes window cleaners. For decades, work at height was simply accepted as an occupational hazard of the window cleaning industry. That is why we use Reach & Wash®. The system allow windows to be cleaned from the safety of the ground using long reaching, telescopic poles.

A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. The pure water, as it has no impurities, dries to a spot-free finish leaving no marks behind. Using the Reach & Wash® system, modern window cleaning is no longer the dangerous job it once was.

Here at Top Mops it’s important that we participate in safe practice, The Reach & Wash® systems conform to recognised industry standards such the European CE Mark. They’ve also invested heavily in making sure their systems are the safest available, and are made by the ONLY manufacturer to be awarded FMVSS-208 certification for the systems.

We at Top Mops want to offer you the best care and finish possible when it comes to leaving windows gleaming. Our Reach and Wash Vans are also fitted with the Ionic Thermopure™ System which gives our window cleaners the pure, ionic hot water. The Thermo Delivery system is simply filled with pure water and it then heats and pumps the pure water to the poles.

Other systems remove only dissolved solids from the water supply, uniquely the Thermopure™ removes both dissolved solids and all organics as well as bacteria from the water supply. The result is not only water that is 1,000 times purer but also ultra pure water that is free from micro-organisms such as legionella bacteria and the organic matter that bacteria feeds upon.

So how do you get dazzling service with dazzling results? Simply fill in our online enquiry form or call the office on 01983 400202 and give us your details for the clean. We’ll send you a quote tailored to these specifications, if you’re happy with your quote you can then sign up to our Direct Debit – spreading the cost of all cleaning services over a 12 month period allowing you peace of mind with no need to leave cash under your doormat.