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CQC Healthcare

Care Quality Commission was set up to ensure patients received a very good standard of care across all areas of the NHS. They have set out some very detailed guidelines explaining what standards should be maintained and have even gone as far as to say how these should be achieved. These guidelines are then audited and monitored by various CQC appointed inspectors.

We work closely with Doctors and Dental Surgeries to ensure that your establishment will be able to comply with the CQC’s ongoing monitoring system.


Everyone who comes into contact with patients should be CRB checked ( DBS as it is now known ). As our contractors, will be cleaning outside surgery hours and will not meet patients we believe this is not needed for our contractors. We currently use confidentiality agreements which have always proved suitable for the purposes of maintaining patient confidentiality.

Colour Coding

We will ensure that colour coded mops, buckets and cloths are on site with a poster clearly showing areas and colour of equipment to be used, in accordance with the NPSA Colour Coding scheme.

Disinfection Chemicals

We are currently recommending using 2 different anti-viral disinfectants (both effective against MRSA, H1N1,c-difficil etc) to prevent the spread of infection on a rotational basis, as it is recommended not to use the same chemical for too long as germs can build up a resistance to it. These are amongst the latest development in cleaning materials and have been specifically engineered with today’s needs in mind.


As cleaning will need to be done during the day we can arrange a price list for our clients for disinfectants, clothes and other hygiene materials. These would be delivered to your premises and we will ensure COSHH sheets are on site as we do for all of our materials.

Feminine Hygiene & Nappy Disposal

We are able to provide the required numbers of either or both of these units as necessary and arrange for these to be emptied and serviced at a frequency of your choosing. We can also supply sharps and clinical waste bins.


We want to ensure the best possible service to our clients and we will arrange for someone to be available if you are inspected to help give all information required, explain our practises, and quickly resolve any issues. We are also happy to make amendments to the specification as and when new requirements come in.

Here is an example of our daily, weekly and monthly items that we suggest are included in specifications where applicable.


    • Disinfect all door handles and push plates
    • Wipe down and disinfect all work surfaces and sinks in treatment rooms.
    • Wipe clean and disinfect the top(s) of reception desk(s) and counters.
    • Wipe clean and disinfect the surface of couches and replace the paper roll.
    • Wipe clean and disinfect all handrails and bannisters.
    • Wipe clean and disinfect hard type waiting room furniture and spray disinfect soft furniture coverings.
    • Wipe clean and disinfect all ancillary equipment in waiting areas (blood pressure checkers, height machines etc)
    • TV / Patient monitors dust and clean screens.

Weekly & Monthly


  • Wipe clean and disinfect all couch frames in treatment rooms
  • (You may want us to replace privacy curtains if you use disposable ones)


  • Wipe clean and disinfect the high-level frame of privacy screens.

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